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Mentoring Connection 

​Our Mentor Connection Program unconventionally offers SEL: we create that “lightbulb moment” and the motivational spark for kids to do great things with collaboration with like-minded near-age peers.

Weekly clubs include Climate Change Challenge using Scratch & High School Prep.

  • Makes vital connections: strive for student inclusion while building creative, innovative-thinking, lasting relationships, and a sense of belonging and fun - while hardly knowing they are being mentored!

  • Provides the tools: that young teens need to overcome struggles and increase motivation.

  • Mentors “get-it”: young adults with fresh experiences - to whom middle school teens can relate. As the mentors were previously “in the young teen participants' shoes,” they can create connections and conversation.

  • Easy implementation for schools with full Teen Innovators support.

Two Curriculums Available

Climate Change Challenge: Mentors and students will engage in interactive learning and solving the challenges of climate change. Students will engage in solving problems like extreme weather, rising sea levels, and more!

High School Prep: The transition to high school can be nerve-wracking! Our mentors will guide students through all they need to know to conquer their freshman year! Students will engage with mentors around course selection, joining activities, balancing time, and making friends!


Kate & Jason, Peer Mentors
Mr. Doyle, Educator

Meet our Peer Mentors

spoiler alert: they are awesome